Training and Workshop Clients; All personally presented by
Dr. David M. Anderson

Undustrial Equipment Clients (with truss and frame workshops in blue)

Power/Energy Clients- (many of these are also listed with Commercializationn clients below)

Processing Equipment Clients

  • PRI Automation (DFM seminar and 6 years consulting on clean room robots, including concept studies on  ultra-clean linkage-based mechanisms)
  • Airco/BOC (DFM seminar and lengthy consulting version of what is now cost/steel reduction workshop  for 400 foot-long vacuum deposition chambers for coating window glass)
  • Veeco (DFM seminar and workshop for semiconductor processing equipment)
  • Asyst Technologies (DFM seminar for clean room environments)
  • Electro Scientific Industries (DFM seminar and consulting for semiconductor processing equipment)
  • Prometrix (DFM seminar semiconductor processing equipment)
  • Advanced Energy Industries  (Switching powerr supplies)
  • JDSU Cable Div. (DFM seminar for coax cable tools),

Electronics Clients

Aerospace/Defense Clients

Work Vehicles

  Medical Products and Equipment Clients:

Test Equipment

  • Beckman-Coulter (two DFM seminars for hematology lab equipment);
  •   Becton-Dickinson (DFM seminar for laser-based immunocytrometry lab equipment)
  • Teradyne (in-circuit Printed Circuit Board testers)
  • Bruker Hand-Held (X-Ray non-destructive testers)
  • Anritsu (DFM seminar for communication   diagnostic equipment,
  • Magnetic Analysis Corporation (DFM seminar for non-destructive testers),

Robot Development; repeat grouping:

Commercialization Clients: repeat grouping of companies, who were taught commercialization principles and had workshops

BioNTech, in collaboration with Genentech  (division of Roche). Dr. Anderson was brought in to provide manufacturing strategies and flexible processing equipment to commercialize their pioneering the mRNA-based cancer cure that will be personalized to every patient

Atricure called in Dr. Anderson to help commercialize pioneering medical devices for minimally invasive heart surgery for atrial fibrillation known as "A-Fib.."

Hyradix, a division of Koch Industries which had a DFM seminar to help commercialize hydrogen reformers to convert natural gas to hydrogen for fuel-cell buses.

Idatech needed DFM seminar and Precision Assembly  workshop to help commercialize fuels-cell powered generators.

GE Transportation in Erie, PA; scheduled DFM seminar and a commercialize workshop for their Tier-4 Diesel Locomotive Engine. After that they sold 1,000 Tier 4 locomotives and drove a competitor out of the business.

Silicon Light Machines, subsidiary of Lucas Films had a DFM seminar to help commercialize digital film projection.

PRI Automation brought Dr. Anderson in for 6 years consulting and training, which included commercializing his own concepts of an ultra-low-cost and ultra-clean robot for semiconductor fab clean rooms, which was based on clever linkages that had no motors or rolling/sliding bearings near the wafer.

Siemens where Dr. Anderson’s concepts relieved serious tolerance overconstraints, thus helping to commercialize very large structures for postal sorting facilities.

Miniaturized Electronics Products; repeat grouping of companies, who were taught: "DFM for Miniaturized Products."


Dr. Anderson was an internal speaker/panelist for:

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