Clients of Dr. David M. Anderson, P.E., CMC
Dr. David M. Anderson, P.E., fASME,CMC bio-sketch

Seminar and Workshop Clients; All personally presented by Dr. Anderson

Electronics Clients

  • eight DFM seminar/workshop engagements at Hewlett-Packard,
  • five DFM seminars at Plantronics (phone head sets),
  • four trips to Korea for LG Electronics,
  • two seminars at United Technologies (one for Carrier air-conditioners and heaters; another in Industrial Equipment )
  • two DFM seminars at NCR (ATM machines and Point-of-Sale terminals)
  • two DFM seminars and a workshop at Winegard (tracking TV antennas for RVs),
  • Advanced Energy Industries (seminar and two workshops, one RF power supplies; other listed in Industrial Products)
  • Gatan (DFM seminar formass spectrometry and  image processing for electron microscopes)
  • SeaTel (DFM seminar for tracking TV marine antennas),
  • Magnetic Analysis Corporation (DFM seminar for non-destructive testers),
  • Industrial Scientific (DFM seminar for gas detectors)
  • Lightwave (DFM seminar for Lasers),
  • Silicon Light Machines (DFM seminar for Laser projection systems)
  • ILC Technology (DFM seminar for lamps and light sources)
  • AOptix Technologies (DFMseminar for adaptive optics biometric scanners),
  • JDSU (DFM seminar for coax cable diagnostic tools),
  • Anritsu (DFM seminar for cable diagnostic tools),
  • Qualcomm (DFM seminar cell-phone development prototypes and evaluation platforms),
  • Capetronic, Taiwan (DFM seminar and workshop for computer CRT monitors)
  • Northern Telecom (DFM seminar for telephones),
  • Network Equipment Technologies (DFM seminar for network hardware)
  • two DFM seminars and a workshop at Glenayre Electronics (pager transmitters),
  • Storage Tek (DFM seminar for high capacity tape and disk drives)

Processing Equipment Clients

  • PRI Automation (DFM seminar and 6 years consulting on clean room robots, including design studies on linkage-based mechanisms)
  • Airco/BOC (DFM seminar and lengthy consulting version of what is now cost/steel reduction workshop  for 400 foot-long vacuum deposition chambers for coating window glass)
  • Veeco (DFM seminar and workshop for semiconductor processing equipment)
  • Asyst Technologies (DFM seminar for clean room environments)
  • Electro Scientific Industries (DFM seminar and consulting for semiconductor processing equipment)
  • Prometrix (DFM seminar semiconductor processing equipment)
  • Advanced Energy Industries DFM seminar and cost/steel reduction workshops. one on switching power supplies for clean rooms and power-plant scale inverters.
  • Raco Manufacturing (consulting remote controls and alarms)
  • two DFM seminars at FMC (food processing machinery)
  • Measurex (DFM seminar for paper processing equipment)
  • Rader Companies (DFM seminar for paper pulp processing equipment)
  • Alliance Machinery (DFM seminar for large cardboard box machines and cost/steel reduction workshop  for large frames)
  • five DFM seminars and five  workshops, including elements of the cost/steel reduction workshop for large frames for  Barry Wehmiller (converting equipment for the paper industry).

Industrial Equipment Clients:

  • five DFM seminar/workshop engagements at General Electric (including GE Transportation, GE Power, and GE Energy)
  • two DFM seminars at  United Technologies Corp. (for fire/security systems and another in Electronics section)
  • two DFM or Standardization engagements at Emerson Electric (seminars and consulting for electric motors; rationalization for gas regulators)
  • Thermo-Fisher Scientific (DFM seminar for radiation hardened CID cameras)_
  • Idatech (DFM seminar and cost/steel reduction workshop fuel-cell generators)
  • IMW Industries of Canada (DFM seminar and cost/steel reduction workshops for dock-scale natural gas compressors)
  • Hoffman/Schroff (BTO seminars/workshops on large electrical enclosures)
  • Cooper Industries (BTO seminar electronic cabinets and cable trays)
  • Bimba Manufacturing (pneumatic cylinders and actuation systems)
  • Badger Meter (DFM seminar for water meters)
  • KI Furniture (DFM seminar for office furniture)
  • Exemplis (BTO seminar for office chairs)
  • Midmark Corporation (rationalization Dental/Medical tools and furniture)
  • GE Nuclear for large worst-case scenario filters (consulting version of what is now cost/steel reduction workshop)
  • Siemens for cost reduction consulting on very large structures for postal sorting facility (consulting that is now covered in cost/steel reduction workshop )

Medical Products Clients:

  • Bayer Pharaceutical, Medical Device group (DFM seminar and Product-Specific workshop for contrast media injectors)
  • BioNTech, in collaboration with Genentech (division of Roche) is pioneering the mRNA-based cancer cure that will be personalized to every patient (Dr. Anderson is providing expertise in mass customization strategies and flexible processing equipment)
  • Atricure  which is pioneering medical devices for minimally invasive heart surgery for atrial fibrillation known as "A-Fib;" (DFM webionar for two sites)
  • St. Jude Medical (two DFM seminars and an implementation meeting for pacemakers and implantible defibrillators))
  • Invivo, now Philips  (three DFM seminars for  (MRI image processing)
  • Beckman-Coulter (two DFM seminars for hematology lab equipment);
  • Salient Surgical Technology (DFM seminar, workshop, and executive overview at Salient Surgical Technology (transcollation surgical tools)
  • Varian Medical Systems (DFM seminar and two workshops for Oncology radiation treatment machines);
  • HP Medical Products Group, now Philips (DFM seminar for four divisions, inclusing Acusound group) 
  • Abiomed (DFM seminar for catheter-based blood pumps)
  • Spectranetics (tooling wokrshop and DFM management overview (for cather-based lasers)
  • Biolase (DFM seminar for laser-based dental surgical tools)
  • Advanced Bionics (DFM seminar for Cochlear hearing implants)
  • Becton-Dickinson (DFM seminar for laser-based immunocytrometry lab equipment)
  • Medrad (DFM seminar for tracer injectors);
  • Origin Medsystems (DFM seminar for surgical tools);
  • Natus (DFM seminar for infant care products);
  • Bausch & Lomb (Mass Customization seminar for Ray-Ban glasses)
  • Allergan-Humphreys (DFM seminar for medical products)
  • Hollister (DFM seminar and plant evaluation for ostomy products)
  • plus management overviews  for Baxter Healthcare, Guidant, Salient Surgical Technology, and Spectranetic

Aerospace/Defense Clients

Commercial Vehicle Clients

  • GE Transportation in Erie, PA; DFM seminar and workshop for their highly successful Tier-4 Diesel Locomotive Engine
  • Bucyrus, div. of Caterpillar (DFM seminar and cost/steel reduction workshop for large underground mining vehicles)
  • DRS Environmental, division of Finmechanica (DFM seminar and Cost/Steel reduction workshop  (large four-axle missile trailers)
  • Terex ASV; DFM seminar, which included cost/steel reduction principles, for tracked and skid-steer tractors
  • Freightliner (DFM seminar and week-long Mass Customization strategy consulting for semi-tractors),
  • John Deere;  DFM consulting and BTO seminar  for yard tractors);
  • Case Tractor (executive education at the Haas Graduate School of Business at UC Berkeley)
  • Kinze Manufacturing (BTO/Cellular Manufacturing seminar, followed by workshops on Rationalization and Standardization for farm machinery),
  • Emergency One (for fire truck manufacturer, provided six seminar on Mass Customization, a Mass Customization Implementation workshop, a DFM seminar, a Standardization workshop, and two  cost/steel reduction workshops  for sheetmetal and tubing)


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