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Remove Counter-productive Polici

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Half of change is undoing counter-productive blocks

Half the challenge to implement new methodologies may be getting rid of existing counterproductive policies. For product development, here are some of the worst:

Don’t bite off more than Engineering can chew when planning product portfolios, which drastically decreases the success rate of all products. The book, Fast Innovation, (by Michael L. George, et al., 2005, McGraw-Hill; p. 167) presents a case study which clearly shows how too many projects diminish the chances of project success. 

  In the first, year a prominent company tried to develop 120 products, but resources were spread so thin that no products were introduced at all!     The next year the workload was reduced to 22 projects and they were able to introduce eight products in 24 to 28 months.  In the next year, as they got more focused on only 20 projects, they were able to launch 14 products in 12 months.  Thus they were able to successfully launch almost twice as many products in half the time!

 The results of focusing product development and rationalizing away most existing products during a three year period was that manufacturing productivity tripled, early life failures decreased by 38 times, customer satisfaction rose from 27% to 90%, revenue increased by 2.4 times, and operational earnings  increased from -6%  to +7%.

 Companies that practice the above three will have to devote a very high percentage of product development resources of their time to: make change orders to try to implement DFM (because it couldn’t be done with Concurrent Engineering);  try to take cost out after the product is designed with change orders;

After DFM training, one large company that has pioneered many of these, needed to launch an initiative called "DFM vs policy" to correct current counterproductive policies for their first product development team to utilize these new methodologies.

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